STEHLIK design

Curating the home.

Creating a culinary lab for the at-home chef

Husband and wife homeowners of this hundred year old Adams Morgan row house longed for a smarter kitchen--both aesthetically and functionally--to suit their lifestyle of daily cooking and regular entertaining.  

She--always the daring cook--wanted a performance kitchen, while he--an innocent bystander--wanted a safe perch from which to watch.

The floor, of large format porcelain tile with narrow grouts, cleans with ease.  The counter is a man-made quartz that wipes down after each culinary experiment.  A subtle reflective grey-painted glass panel backsplash, brightens the space and is continuous made possible by under-cabinet receptacle strips.

The lighting plan brings the whole space together.  Three layers of lighting--under-cabinet, display, and recessed overhead--allow adaptation to light levels throughout the day for well-lit rigorous cooking to a soft, cozy glow for evening entertaining. 

The final product mixes a modern aesthetic and design with extreme utility in a compact space for the ever experimenting at-home chef. 

Photography (c) Hoachlander Davis Photography

(c) 2016 STEHLIK design